Knowledge Base of Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Does  this  Mini  PC  Dual  OS  have  a  screen  function?

Yes. It can be directly connected to a HDMI capable monitor or TV.  Alternately it can be connected to a VGA input using the optional HDMI to VGA convertor

Q2 Mini  PC  Dual  OS  have  a 7″ inch  tablet  so  can it be  taken  out from  the  box  for use  like  a  regular  tablet?

The 7″ screen is fixed to the base and cannot be separated to be used like a regular tablet.

Q3 In Mini  PC  Dual  OS,  is camera  function  available?

There is no in built camera but a USB webcam can be easily connected.

Q4 Does the Mini  PC  Dual  OS  device support to  3G?

A 3G dongle can be connected to the Mini PC Dual OS provided that  drivers for appropriate OS are loaded for the 3G dongle to be used.

Q5 Is calling  function  facility  available  for  Mini  PC  Dual  OS?

It cannot be used for mobile calls, but can make VoIP calls.

Q6 Can   Mini  PC  Dual  OS be used without external power adapter?

As there are no in built batteries, use must connect the provided  DC power adapter.

Q7 Can  user  connect  Power  Bank  or  external  battery in Mini  PC  Dual  OS?

External power bank which provides 12V DC output can be connected.

Q8 Can  user  update  firmware version in Mini  PC  Dual  OS?

Firmware can be upgraded

Q9 Can  user  install high  graphics  game in this Mini  PC  Dual  OS?

It supports 1080p Full HD 1920×1080 graphics, but may not be able to handle heavy 3D graphics

Q10 Can  user  use both  operating  systems  at  a  time  or  how  to  used or  skip  or  change  operating  system  in  Mini  PC  Dual  OS?

User can switch from Windows to Android or vice versa but cannot operate both OS at the same time. A choice is also provided after power on.How  to  connect  Ethernet  port  with  Android  OS  in  Mini  PC  Dual  OS?

Q11 How to connect Android TV Box  Dongle to TV ?

It can be connected to HDMI capable TV or monitor. It can also be connected to a VGA input using the optional HDMI to VGA convertor

What  are  difference  between  tradition  set  up  box,  Dish Antenna  and  Android  TV  Box  Dongle?

Q12 What  is  difference  between  full  HD  WiFi  HDMI  TV Receiver  &  UHD  4K  WiFi  HDMI TV receiver ?

The  full HD receiver can output upto  1080p video whereas the 4K receiver can output 4Kx2K video at upto 30fps.

Q13 How  use  Octa  core  ARM  server for  Linux  14.04?

It supports Android Kitkat 4.4 or Linaro linux 14.04

Q14 How  to  run  or  implement  Web  Application,  Files,  business applications  and  modules  and  IT Infrastructure    on  Octa  core  ARM  server  Linux  14.04?

Linaro Linux distribution has ARM binary packages for PHP, MySQL, Apache web server and Tomcat engine which can be easily installed.

Q15 How beneficial this  Octa  core  ARM  server  Linux  14.04  to organization  or  business?

It saves 90% power compared to traditional servers.

Q16 How  to  use   AES  256  bits  encrypted  USB  storage  128 GB  SSD?

The hard disk will be activated only after correctly entering upto 9 digit PIN which is set when using it the first time. Without entering this correct PIN, no one can access the data stored on the drive.

Q17 Any  other  network  support  available   in  this  NextAV S100 media  hub   &  network?

Q18 Can  connect  NextAVS100   media  hub  network  with  Desktop,  mobile  and tablet?


Q19 How  to  secure  data  with  our  device  from  low  budget  to  high budget?

Use DigitalAsset 128GB secure drive.  If you require greater reliability, optional encrypted secure cloud backup and archival service is a good option.

Q20 How  to  convert  our traditional  TV box to Smart TV box?  Which  option  best  with  affordable  budget?

Connect Full HD WiFi TV receiver to traditional TV using the HDMI to TV converter.